We are known by the company we keep

Since we have access to an exclusive group of leading business people, we decided that it made perfect sense not just to introduce them to our clients but to each other, too. After all, we do networking extremely well.

We have created a community of like-minded individuals interested in sharing information, ideas, deals and opportunities, and we arrange high quality, networking events to facilitate introductions.

We arrange a regular calendar of prestigious, invitation-only events. We hand pick event partners from the corporate finance, wealth management and advisory worlds and in turn they invite a small number of relevant contacts from their client base to expand our network further.

Events range from smaller gatherings and client dinners (for example Masterpiece London, a leading annual art and antiques fair sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada) through to our Chief Officers Group Event Sessions for up to 60 guests at leading venues such as the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.

Our recent event partners: