Consumer goods & retail

The consumer sector is huge, with many important sub-sectors such as consumer goods, retail, food & drink, leisure and online selling. Consumer markets continue to consolidate and both international competition and rising consumer savviness have increased the demand for innovation, effective marketing and more cost-efficient supply chains.

Distribution continues to shift not just out of town but also into e-commerce, and the heavy dependence on technology across the entire retail cycle brings its own significant challenges and opportunities. One consequence of the economic downturn has been a greater demand for turnaround skills.

Private equity investors tend to focus on business with strong brands and clear consumer communication, as well as multiple routes to market. They are particularly interested in newer and emerging global markets, where international, luxury or heritage brands are especially attractive. Tech-enabled businesses are increasingly attractive.

European private equity firms have consistently backed branded fashion, leisure and retail businesses.

We're able to match senior executives with investors right across this sector, offering insight, expertise and skills in:

  • Multi-channel development
  • International growth and new-market penetration
  • E-commerce
  • Fast fashion
  • Franchising models
  • Store roll-out
  • The supply chain
  • Sourcing optimization
  • Smarter buying and innovation
  • Brand strategy and marketing effectiveness


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