Deals through candidates and research

Sometimes the deal begins with the individual

Connecting private equity with senior executive talent isn't purely a one-way process. The individuals we know are so experienced and well-connected that they often have specific deal targets in mind and new opportunities to bring to the table, including relevant bolt-on acquisitions for existing assets.

Many are uniquely aware of gaps or other opportunities in the market. They may be aware of businesses in need of turnaround, carve outs from larger corporates, businesses requiring growth capital or MBO opportunities. They may know of good people with outstanding product or service ideas but without the backing they need to turn them into reality.

Chief Officers Group can act as a bridge between fund-holders and senior individuals who know precisely why the timing and other criteria make these ideas ripe for investment, right now.

Chief Officers Group also offers ‘deals through research’. This is a process like any other targeted recruitment search but where we research a specific sector to identify potential investment opportunities.

As a candidate and a client, I have seen first-hand how Chief Officers Group can add real value to PE-backed situations. They are experts in this space and help to make order out of what can be a very chaotic landscape.

John Bateson, Chairman, Chaucer and Panther Group