Diligence & insight

Proven industry experts

When our clients are looking closely at a potential investment they need as much information as possible to make sure the right decisions are made at the right price. This should include qualitative as well as quantitative information and this is where our candidates excel. 

The standard due diligence process can often be heavily quantitative and therefore it can miss the industry specific issues or up to date trends that are relevant to the business. 

Thanks to our extraordinary access to a network of senior movers and shakers across a wide range of industry sectors, we can plug investors into strategic insights which might otherwise be difficult to obtain. Our people can supply the invaluable information which will make (or, if necessary, break) a deal, such as:

  • A critique of business plans and strategy
  • The backgrounds of key people
  • The regulatory framework, current threats and opportunities
  • An assessment of the competitive landscape and how this might impact on the business
  • Issues around the reputation of the company, its products/services or its people.
  • Information about customers, suppliers and the supply chain
  • An analysis of key market trends and business drivers

We connect our clients quickly with relevant individuals who can supply the insights needed. These could be a former chair, chief executive or non-executive director of the company — or of a competitor, customer or partner. Their insight could prove critical to the success of any investment decision

Other 'expert networks' provide excellent insights at a more technical or operational level. Chief Officers Group gives strategic, C-suite insight for our retained private equity clients. 

[I remember]...one example where the director general of a company seeking investment turned out to be an alcoholic, and another where it was discovered the company chief was a compulsive gambler...the managers were divided into warring parties, and customers were about to cancel major contracts.

Mark Wignall, chief executive, Matrix Equity Partners

Due diligence can save investors everything — and while it's a pain, done well, it might even highlight some areas for you to make genuine improvements to your company.

The due diligence experience, Growing Business 2010