Pre Deal Search

Matching people to deals

We deliver pre deal search for our retained private equity clients. Access to outstanding board level talent and industry experts in the run up to a deal is an important part of the due diligence process.

Before the deal is signed access to the best people quickly is critical as these situations are often competitive and time constrained. We are tireless networkers and we are constantly targeting and meeting the right people in key sectors. This means we are always able to add value with relevant insights.

Typically we will be asked for chairman candidates, industry leaders and often finance directors to help with the commercial and financial due diligence.  If the deal is completed these people often go on to take a seat on the board.

Importantly, our candidates have also helped stop the wrong deals being done.

We work in partnership with our retained private equity clients to identify the sort of people, typically chairman, that best fit their model, culture and specific deal flow activities.